Charles Olson to Robin Blaser



28 Fort Sq Gloster Nov.20/57

My dear Robin:

It's like the verse I'd want to write, the birchskin you send. Wow. You know, Webern. Wow. Bless you. Many thanks

/I've got it up on the wall--as score paper/

And as well for the Duccio & the Titian/ already Bet had been going on (fr the Dante and a de Paulo John sent fr Ny--his "Paradisio") abt the vision-conception such painters did work by (the contrast, yes? of those since See-zanne); and i was on my old gab of how come the Sienese did inform same with such private spiritual content--

when it suddenly struck me-- o a couple of things--but the most was: that Giotto was the last painter who painted before a division into East & West! That is, not the old point that the medieval-Mediterranean was a small world, or that it was the Christian-Roman-cum Italian-Europe thing. None of those historicalisms. But a historism:

I press it the more that one thing the Rooshian moon has done is end forever the lousy nationalism-hemispherism we have all lived in; I am suggesting we are advantaged as only, previously Giotto was

OK. Over the fence. How are you? I did hear fr Sweeney, and wrote accepting, on the condition you will be there when I do any such reading, yes? For I should like to pick up where we left off that day at the Tavern, and read right straight out from Max 23 to 45 straight at you. Can you stand it? It wld be the first time, and ought to make a live tape, I shld hope.

Am still gathering up my pieces, but ought soon to come up for light & air





Back of envelope:


Fri 7:00

/ Hi! It was great today. Many thanks


PS again--Wed!


s-l-o-w KAN ONE b-e-e-n!


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