Charles Olson to Robin Blaser



[13 March 1958]




oh dear oh dear. I see what happened. (The photostats just in, & bewildered why the poem Timoleon is here) You took it I wanted it, by my "Timoleon 1 / Timoleon 2 /--but I meant the book or mss! ok No harm done--except cost to somebody (? Let me-know about that: I certainly don't want you to have involved yourself in that bill. In any case, I can return the Timoleon poem photo/s--for credit, I shld think no?

It's a shame I didn't anticipate the confusion.

Very great anyway, to have the PP: & the whole idea is rolling! Grove--& White Rabbit as well!




On back of envelope:


Oh yes--my point (within) was I'd never have asked that much, so I want you to know


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