Charles Olson to Robin Blaser



28 Fort Sq,               


Mass USA                 



16 July 1959 

Mr. Robin Blaser

Passenger aboard

Furness Line ship

"Nova Scotia" arriving

Halifax, Nova Scotia



The Gulf of Maine continued covered with heavy fogs & rains (?

We drove back through road fogs never did I see around Mackerel Landing or Kettle Cove

I have just written an impossible (to understand, at this date,) 'scheme', with remarks by the Philosopher, for Dick Stone

Ed Klima worked on his lectures while we ate the lunch Dick performed. (Ezra was there.)

We shall miss you forever. I feel as though my windward anchor is gOne. I shall now have to be it myself - as well as the sea-anchor I was hauling myself forward by!

Enjoy yrself. Eat up all. Don't stop, Go. Etc. (Keep a journal!)

All right. Will keep you on!




 [enclosed with letter to Robin Blaser 16 July 1959]



she is the sea The gods

can look into her inward

parts, and when men, who

can't, find out how, with

nets of world-order to

differentiate the winds

of the four quarters and

get direction, she begins

to take animal shape, & so

to trouble and to hell any

one who would go further

than order: he pierces

her heart —

through her mouth, open,

to devour him


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