Minutes of the Charles Olson Society

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Contents (partial)

1                         Jack Clarke memorial; “Duende, Muse, and Angel” (Vancouver, 1963) tape transcription; Charles Olson Society business.

2                        Olson reading at Goddard College (1962) tape transcription; Olson letter to George Bowering; chronology of Olson’s visits with Ezra Pound.

3                        Harry Levin on Olson’s Harvard reading (1962); “Reading at Berkeley: The Next Day” (1965) tape transcription; Goddard reading, part 2.

4                        “Talk at Cortland” (1962) tape transcription; Ralph Maud’s visit with Philip Whalen.

5                        A Melville Issue: Maud’s critique of the Northwestern-Newberry edition of Moby-Dick; Goddard reading, part 3.

6                        Berkeley miscellany; Olson’s visit to Toronto (1960) by Kenneth McRobbie.

7                        “A Challenge to Marjorie Perloff;” Olson’s correspondence with Suzanne Mowat, Zoe Brown et al. at Berkeley, 1965 and after.

8                        A Special Issue for the Robin Blaser Conference: “Quicks and Strings,” with 15 letters from Olson to Blaser (1957-59); Perloff’s reply re. Olson’s “misogyny.”

9                        “Death of a Poet” (newspaper account of Olson’s funeral, and an obituary); Thomas Parkinson obit. and linkage with Berkeley ‘65; Richard Wilbur on Olson at Wesleyan U.; Gerald Burns on errors in the UCal Maximus Poems; Rachel Blau Duplessis on Perloff.

10                      The Charles Olson Festival in Gloucester (1995), transcript of panel discussion, with photos.

11                      “As I Recall: Charles Olson and Ezra Pound,” a memoir of post-war Washington by Frank Moore, with two letters from Olson.

12                      “The ‘Christine Kerrigan’ Affair:” Maud on Tom Clark’s interpretations of Olson’s relationship with Panna Grady; Olson’s review of Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon.

13                      A Buffalo Issue: Memoirs byAlbert Cook and Mac Hammond; Olson letter to Maud re. the Feinberg Certificate; Olson’s answer to a faculty questionnaire.

14/15              “The Correspondence of Robert Payne and Charles Olson,” edited by Ralph Maud.

16                      Letters to the editor; “Background to Berkeley—IX;” annotations and corrections of the original Muthologos version of “Reading at Berkeley.”

17                      The Ralph Maud Collection of Charles Olson’s Books; proposed Charles Olson Centre; topics for Olson studies; Maud’s involvement in Olson studies.

18                      Vancouver press on photographer Harry Redl; contact sheets of Redl’s photos, San Francisco, 1957; Joseph E. Garland’s memorial to Olson; Maud on Olson’s place in Melville scholarship, part 2.

19                      Recollections of Olson in Buffalo by Albert Glover, with letters from Olson to Glover.

20                     “Berkeley: Free Speech and Free Verse” in The Nation (1965), with Olson’s and others’ responses and a manifesto by Mario Savio and others; Gerald Burns on Olson’s difficulties with the typography of Maximus Poems IV, V, VI.

21                      Barry Miles’s review of Maximus IV, V, VI and liner notes for Olson’s Folkways recording; “A Melville Section;” “Letter for Melville 1951” explicated byMaud; Berkeley ‘65, continued; Asheville, NC show honoring Black Mountain College.

22                     “The William Bronk-Charles Olson Correspondence,” edited by Burt Kimmelman.

23/24             Storrs Special Double Issue; news from UConn Special Collections curator Rutherford Witthus; Olson’s notebooks listed; detailed transcription from the 1945 notebooks.

25                     Letters from Fielding Dawson; Hilda Morley’s review of Duberman’s Black Mountain College; John Clarke on Tom Clark; Gerald Burns’s review of Maud’s Charles Olson’s Reading.

26                     Greg Gibson’s memoir of Jean Kaiser; Michael Rumaker’s Black Mountain Days; letter fromW illiam Corbett; Olson’s 1947 ”Faust Buch” transcribed; “Tom Clark and the Collected Prose.”

27                     Part 1: Memorial tributes to Kate Olson, Albert Cook, and Charles Watts.

                           Part 2: Announcements and materials for the 1999 Peripatetic Conference, Gloucester, Mass.

28                     J. H. Prynne’s 1971 Simon Fraser lecture; Olson to Richard Chase on Melville; Alex Davis on Mary Fiore’s marginalia in Boer’s Charles Olson in Connecticut; “Dear Charley,” a letter in verse by Fielding Dawson.

29                     “Charles Olson: Corrective Measures:” a retraction re “The Kingfishers” in Maud’s What Does Not Change; “Tom Clark on the Olson-Boldereff Riot’;” “The First Maximus Poem.”

30                     1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference issue, edited by Aaron Vidaver: letters from Warren Tallman toRobert Creeley; “Polis is Eyes” discussion (tape transcription).

31/32             Memories of Charles Olson” by Jane Atherton, with family photos, letters from Jane Atherton to Connie Wilcock Bunker.

33                     Olson’s 1928 European trip: letters to his parents.

34                     “The Fish Weir,” a one-act play, Olson’s first published piece; Olson and Pound at St. Elizabeths.

35                     Barbara Guest on Olson in Spoleto (1965); reviews by Simon Jarvis in the TLS; Skip Fox’s obituary for Ed Dorn; letter from Clayton Eshleman.

36/37             “Following Charles Olson in the Yucatan” by Bryant Knox, with photos.

38                     “Olson’s Buffalo” by Michael Boughn, with checklists of Frontier Press and Institute of Further Studies publications; “Tom Clark on ‘The Kingfishers’.”

39                     “Specifications for a New Edition of Muthologos;” “Filming in Gloucester,” a new transcription of the 1966 NET outtakes videotape.

40                     Index to issues 1-39.

41                      Cloud House Poetry Archives and Poetmuseum, San Francisco; “Charles Stein and George Quasha in Vancouver,” tape transcription; poem from Clayton Eshleman.

42                     Louis Douglas photo; French-language Olson bibliography; Joyce Benson in memoriam; “Charles Olson’s Archaic Postmodern.”

43                     Tom Clark revisited: commentary on Charles Olson: Allegory of a Poet’s Life.

44                     A Worcester Issue, compiled by Jim Fay, with an essay on the appearances of Olson’s home town in his writing.

45                     “Sunday Drive: A Memoir of Charles Olson,” by Ammiel Alcalay; a letter and poem from Peter Tuttle; letter from Vincent Ferrini; “The Flawed Paris Review interview” by Ralph Maud.

46                     Letter from Clayton Eshleman re. Selected Letters; letters from Olson to Connie (1952), Ron Mason (1953), Gael Turnbull (1957).

47/48             Olson’s Kitchen Issue: “Charles Olson in Gloucester” by Peter Anastas; J. H. Prynne’s 1969 review of Maximus IV, V, VI; Paris Review interview full transcription draft, with annotations byRalph Maud.

49                     Jean Riboud and Krishna Riboud in memoriam; Charles Olson-Robin Blaser correspondence 1965-69; Jack Clarke’s last letter to Tom Clark.

50                     For Kate Olson (1951-1999), with photos, letters of Charles, Connie and Kate Olson, George Bunker.

51                      Brian Fawcett’s memoir of a “New American Education” at Simon Fraser University; “Bigmans III” (1950) transcript, background materials.

52                     “Notes on Charles Olson and the Archaic” by Clayton Eshleman.

53                     Ben Shahn (forthcoming)

54                     Robin Blaser remembers Don Allen; Olson/Melville: “The Mystery of What Happens When It Happens,” a 1950 ms; Berkeley ‘65 continued.

55                     Notes from Olson to Ed Sanders, Nov-Dec ‘65; André Spears remembering Robert Creeley; James Laughlin to Catherine Seelye on Ezra Pound, ‘74.

56/57             Robert Payne’s publications listed and annotated.

58                     Carolee Schneeman, Stan Brakhage, Charles Olson; “Charles Olson: a Memoir” by Herbert Kenny; the first part of Kenny’s 1969 conversation with Olson transcribed.

59/60/61     The missing Olson-Creeley correspondence (83 pieces), edited by Ralph Maud.

62                     “The Gerhardts of Germany” by C. J. Fox; Donald Wellman’s tangential relations with the Olson family; Maud's Castle of Perseverence; Peter Bearse on Henry Ferrini’s film Polis is This.

63                     rip Jonathan Williams; Warren Tallman’s 1963 summary of the Vancouver Poetry Conference with notes by Aaron Vidaver; dinner with Olson at Onetto's in Buffalo ’64-’65 (photos); Ken Stuart’s memoir of Kate Olson and Charles at UConn in ’69, and after; a 1951 letter from Olson to Robert Wauchope.

64/65/66    Catalogue of the Ralph Maud Collection of Charles Olson’s Books at Simon Fraser University.

67                     Ralph Maud’s correspondence with Charles Olson ’63-‘69, with narrative and a facsimile pamphlet, The Horn of Ulf.